CCLS has a new Health Law Advice Line at 1-800-675-8001 to help individuals and families keep their health coverage, including Medi-Cal and Covered California; dispute denials of health care services and prevent disruption in care; and address and resolve billing problems.  The Health Team provides advice and representation to individuals at no cost and without regard to their income or assets.  CCLS does not assist with medical malpractice claims, worker's compensation cases, and right-to-die situations.

CCLS is proud to be a member of the Health Consumer Alliance (HCA).  The HCA is a netowrk of ten consumer assistance programs operated by community-based legal services organizations across the state of California.  The HCA provides statewide policy advocacy to resolve systemic health care issues impacting Californians.

A recent victory by the Health Team was accomplished in court to get low-income residents out of limbo after submitting their Medi-Cal application.