Central California Legal Services provides assistance with obtaining and retaining state and federal public benefits such as Social Security, CalWorks, CalFresh, General Assistance, and In-Home Supportive Services for people who reside in Fresno, Kings, Mariposa, Merced, Tulare, and Tuolumne counties.

The Housing Team consists of attorneys and paralegals that assist and advise tenants in Fresno, Merced, Tulare, Kings, Mariposa, and Tuolumne counties.  CCLS' main focus within housing is on residential Landlord-Tenant issues.  Due to the imminent nature of landlord-tenant defense, CCLS prioritizes our resources on keeping families and individuals in their homes by avoiding eviction.  This can be accomplished through several methods, including but not limited to education on tenant rights and responsibilities, negotiation and representation.

Housing Information for Tenants

Do You Know Your Rights As a Renter?


Repair and Deduct Remedy

Eviction - The Unlawful Detainer Process

When Can My Landlord Raise My Rent?

Security Deposit

Free Self-Help Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Legal Clinic: Tuesday/Thursday: Fresno Superior Court

Eviction Self-Help: CA Superior Court Webstie

CA Courts Self-Help Video Center

Please check our Youtube page to view informational powerpoints on Tenants' Rights.

CCLS has a new Health Law Advice Line at 1-800-675-8001 to help individuals and families keep their health coverage, including Medi-Cal and Covered California; dispute denials of health care services and prevent disruption in care; and address and resolve billing problems.  The Health Team provides advice and representation to individuals at no cost and without regard to their income or assets.  CCLS does not assist with medical malpractice claims, worker's compensation cases, and right-to-die situations.

CCLS is proud to be a member of the Health Consumer Alliance (HCA).  The HCA is a netowrk of ten consumer assistance programs operated by community-based legal services organizations across the state of California.  The HCA provides statewide policy advocacy to resolve systemic health care issues impacting Californians.

A recent victory by the Health Team was accomplished in court to get low-income residents out of limbo after submitting their Medi-Cal application

Breast Health Education and Access to Breast Cancer Screening

Central California Legal Services/Fresno Health Consumer Center’s project focuses on reaching, educating and providing access to breast cancer screening to uninsured Hispanic women of Fresno County in the areas of Firebaugh/Mendota, Orange Cove/Reedley, Parlier/Squaw and Wonder Valley. They will also serve the African American and Hmong communities in the city of Fresno. Staff works collaboratively with county services, community groups and Federally Qualified Health Clinics in urban and rural communities.

  • Link underserved women to Federally Qualified Health Clinics to establish medical home.
  • Provide culturally and linguistically breast health education
  • Works with FQHC and mobile mammography to hold breast health/breast cancer screening events.
  • Mammogram payment assistance for those who are uninsured who do not qualify for other assistance.
  • Transportation assistance for breast cancer survivors


The mission of the Family Law and Immigration team is to protect the safety of our client community.  CCLS protects domestic violence victims and their children, as well as elders and/or dependent adults against physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse by preparing and filing restraining orders with the court.  Victims are able to attend their hearings and obtain permanent restraining orders.  CCLS also helps Fresno County residents with securing Letters of Conservatorship through a monthly clinic.

CCLS is also able to assist victims of certain crimes in applying and being approved for U-Visas and/or Battered Spouses or Children of U.S. citizens/Lawful Permanent Residents through the work of two Board of Immigration Appeals Accredited Representatives.  Initially, these applicants are given work permits while they meet certain residency criteria and eventually, with CCLS' help, they obtain Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status.  In the process, these individuals are empowered by going from undocumented to legal status and being able to live and work in the United States without worry.

The Consumer Team works to preserve, protect and enhance the income and assets of our client community.  CCLS seeks out litigation that will positively impact our client community and we empower our clients through outreach and education throughout our service area.  CCLS assists clients to protect themselves against fraud and unfair business practices.  CCLS safeguards and preserves the rights of taxpayers, debtors and consumers. CCLS protects the elderly against physical, mental and financial abuse and assists them in the preparation of difficult health and estate planning decisions.  CCLS also ensures employment and labor laws are fairly followed and applied.

Click HERE to learn more about our work with the TEAM Collaborative!


If you are having issues with a consumer debt, please feel free to use the following sample language as a starting template for letters to creditors and debt collectors.  Please make sure to tailor this information and your letter to your specific situation as this sample language is not a substitute for and is not legal advice.  If you need help understanding your specific situation, please contact our Legal Advice Line at 1-800-675-8001 for legal advice.

Verification of Debt Letter Language

Expired Statute of Limitations Cease Contact Letter Language

Identity Theft Cease Contact Letter Language

Auto Fraud Prevention Videos (VLSP Pro Bono Attorney)

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