When Chava Glassberg began volunteering with CCLS, she did not know what to expect.  In a short time, she discovered a deep joy in this work, which she described as, "really lovely...really nice refreshing change."  Her joy became a dedication to volunteering.  Without realizing it, Chava discovered the mutual satisfaction of giving.

Giving provides the realization that you are changing lives.  The changes are concrete and definite, illustrated in our clients' stories, in their smiles and gratitude.  To give is to share the joy of a life made better, richer, and more purposeful.  It is the satisfaction of knowing you have protected your neighbors from unfair treatment, and taken a stand for justice.  When we give, we add meaning to our lives and the lives of others.

Our reward, as Chava says, is, "to feel like you're on the side of angels."

Please "Give Justice" on #GivingTuesday, December 1, 2015.


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Ms. Luisa Medina
Development Director

P.S. Chava received the Volunteer Award at the 2014 Champions of Justice Reception.

On Tuesday, December 1CCLS is joining with others in a worldwide day of giving, known as #GivingTuesday, the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. 

First there was BlackFriday and Cyber Monday and now, there is #GivingTuesday.  This time of the year is a time of giving thanks for the comforts we enjoy and our good fortune.  It is also a time of reflection – we recognize that many in our community are less fortunate.  CCLS welcomes you to this season of “Giving for Justice.”  By participating, you give back to the community in which you live while becoming part of a global movement.

As partners for justice, we want to share this special opportunity with you.  Support "Giving for Justice" by donating your time and talent to our community.  Be a part of our Voluntary Legal Services Program, or, if you would prefer, donate to CCLS right now.

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Our 2014 Champions of Justice represented the range of legal issues that are part of the daily struggles encountered by low-income individuals – reducing school suspensions, closing down deceptive foreclosure companies who prey on vulnerable homeowners, defending the rights of low-wage workers, and re-uniting families.

The Ronald M. George Equal Justice Award was presented to Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski. He is recognized for his work on behalf of low-income individuals, by easing the burden on the working poor, improving accountability on the level of charity care provided by private hospitals, and advocacy for increased funding for the courts.

The Fresno County Bar Association's Executive Director, Ms. Bobbie Lee, was honored with the newly established Friend of Justice Award. Ms. Lee connects low-income individuals with pro bono services and other vital resources. Her devoted support of CCLS and the cause of equal justice deserves nothing less than this exceptional award.

CCLS attorney Ofra Pleban is an individual with a keen sense of justice and the dedication to defend others. A staunch defender of homeowners, Ofra has saved dozens of families from foreclosure, and was the honoree in the Staff Category.

Chava Glassberg, a volunteer, has donated countless hours to CCLS, and worked extensively on saving families from foreclosures. She was honored in this year's Volunteer Category.

The Reedley Police Department received honors in the Special Recognition Category for their use of restorative justice practices through their Peace Building Initiative. In partnership with local organizations, they have adopted an effective system which provides alternatives to incarceration.

The Honorable Robert H. Oliver was this year's honoree in the Judicial Category. He is steadfast in his support of funding for the courts and legal services, as well as addressing such issues as juvenile justice and domestic abuse.

Roland Barnett was honored in the Client Category for his devotion to his wife who was removed from his home by a family member. Finding help at CCLS, he was reunited with her and able to bring her home.

Attorney Peter G. Fashing was recognized in the Attorney Category for his pro bono efforts to guarantee a family's continued access to their home.

In the Business Category, Louise Farley coordinated a community effort to assist a family who was evicted following a rental scam.

The Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center was recognized in the Law Firm Category for their monthly participation in CCLS Workers' Rights clinics and the support they offer to the volunteer attorneys.


"Legal professionals can use cy pres to promote access to justice for those who need it. While every case is different, it is critical for your client and for your community to insist on a cy pres distribution for any funds that would otherwise go unclaimed or undistributed. Cy pres awards allow the court to shape settlement terms to honor the intended purpose as closely as possible when further distribution is either impossible or inefficient. The doctrine is also beneficial to lawyers involved in the settlement, as it helps meet fiduciary responsibilities of lawyers to complete the distribution. Everybody benefits."

-Luis J. Rodriguez, President, Board of Trustees, State Bar of California

Click here to download the Campaign for Justice Cy Pres Toolkit