The Consumer Team works to preserve, protect and enhance the income and assets of our client community.  CCLS seeks out litigation that will positively impact our client community and we empower our clients through outreach and education throughout our service area.  CCLS assists clients to protect themselves against fraud and unfair business practices.  CCLS safeguards and preserves the rights of taxpayers, debtors and consumers. CCLS protects the elderly against physical, mental and financial abuse and assists them in the preparation of difficult health and estate planning decisions.  CCLS also ensures employment and labor laws are fairly followed and applied.

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If you are having issues with a consumer debt, please feel free to use the following sample language as a starting template for letters to creditors and debt collectors.  Please make sure to tailor this information and your letter to your specific situation as this sample language is not a substitute for and is not legal advice.  If you need help understanding your specific situation, please contact our Legal Advice Line at 1-800-675-8001 for legal advice.

Verification of Debt Letter Language

Expired Statute of Limitations Cease Contact Letter Language

Identity Theft Cease Contact Letter Language

Auto Fraud Prevention Videos (VLSP Pro Bono Attorney)