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• A verbal eviction is not valid
• A Notice IS NOT an eviction
• As soon as you receive a Notice, get legal advice
• You cannot be legally evicted until a court orders it. If you have not had a judgment entered against you either at trial or by default, you are still considered a legal tenant.

• When you make a payment, specify what it is for i.e., May’s rent, Security Deposits, June’s late fees, etc.
• If you pay in cash, get a receipt. You can always keep a record of payments even if you gave the landlord the original. Get a receipt for payments, no matter how you pay.
• Try to have a written lease. If not, write down the terms as you remember them. A verbal contract is still a contract, but a written lease is better protection.

• Make copies of communications between you and your landlord
• Before you move in, do an inspection, make a checklist of issues, and take pictures
• Talk to an attorney before withholding rent for habitability reasons
• Talk to an attorney before choosing to go to trial.

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