How CCLS Keeps a Client in Her Home

Aindra Evans walked into Central California Legal Services (CCLS) distraught at the thought of her children’s lives being ruined with the prospect of an imminent eviction looming over their heads. At her wits’ end, with nowhere to turn she turned to for counsel and that is exactly what she received from Cher Cha, a seasoned advocate at Central California Legal Services.

“I was so scared and frantic that I didn‘t know what to do because who wants to lose their home and then be homeless with their kids? I had heard of [Central] California Legal Services before so I figured they could be the ones that help me… It brought me to tears almost that I was going to be homeless.”

One seemingly dark day Evans came home to find a 24-hour eviction notice on her door and immediately came to CCLS, as she explained to Cha. Cha told her that the eviction process stops today which brought much comfort to the anxiety-filled mother. Cha informed her that because she had lived in her rental home for over one year, the property manager would have to give her 60 days notice. If she lived in her rental property for less than a year, the property manager would need to give her 30 days notice. Cha continued to counsel her, telling her what documents to file, when she needed to appear in court and what to do when she appeared. Cha was correct, and an elated and relieved Aindra and Evans family avoided eviction from their home. This is just one of the many examples of Central California Legal Services living out its vision and mission. CCLS is a private, not-for-profit, public interest law firm established to fight injustice, and to provide education and representation to low-income individuals, families, organizations, and communities. The organization has been engaging in this important work for over half-a-century.


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