At CCLS, you will work with dedicated attorneys, paralegals, and support staff striving to shape the future of the communities we serve. We hail from multiple walks of life, speak multiple languages, and bring an incredible breadth and depth of experience to our work. Our roster includes seasoned litigators, first generation Americans, Ivy League graduates, community activists, former public officials, volunteers, and more. We encourage all interested individuals to apply.

CCLS is an equal opportunity employer: we value equity, inclusion, and diversity, across all races, cultures, classes, ages, religions, gender identities and presentations, sexual orientations, body sizes, family structures, abilities, and all categories protected by law.

Is this you?

You’re passionate

You’re a passionate and energetic person who’s excited to connect with the community.

You love communities & problem-solving

You’re excited to meet someone new, listen and help them find solutions.

You’re a people person

You’re a great listener, motivator and get excited to help others achieve success.

You like to teach by doing

You’re a clear communicator, capable of sharing your knowledge.

You’re a creative & strategic thinker

You see the big picture and strive to come up with innovative and creative solutions.

You’re self-motivated

You have a strong desire to help others and be part of something special.

Join Our Team. Open Positions.

Staff Attorney

All Experience Welcome

You’re ready to join our team in taking a stand against injustice and inequality.

Director of Pro Bono & Strategic Partnerships

5+ Years’ Experience

You bring together the best of the legal aid and private firm worlds to deliver the justice our clients deserve.

Fiscal Officer – Operations

3+ Years’ Experience

Fast paced, problem-solving fiscal support that allows our legal teams to focus on bringing justice to our clients.

CCLS Summer Fellowship Program 2023

All Current Law Students Welcome

Begin your legal journey on the frontlines, making a difference, advancing justice and empowering people.

Health Consumer Center Peer Facilitator

1+ Year of Experience

You work with our clients to stabilize their lives, assessing their needs, knowing that each situation is unique.

Employee Benefits Package Overview

Receipt of this benefits package overview, by itself, does not constitute an offer of employment. All benefits are subject to changes in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Work/Life Balance

  • 7.5 hour work day / 37.5 hour week
  • 14.5 Paid Holidays
  • Free wellness counseling & resources
  • Union protection for applicable positions

Rewards for Dedication

  • Annual pay increases
  • Overtime for Hourly/Non-exempt staff
  • Compensatory Time for Salaried/Exempt staff

More Base Pay

  • School Loan Assistance up to $500/month
  • Bilingual Pay up to $90/month
  • Home internet reimbursement of $25/month
  • CCLS issued laptop & cell phone
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • CA State Bar dues paid in full

Retirement Contribution

  • CCLS contributes to staff 403(b) plans starting at the
    one-year anniversary:
    • Year 1 to 2 – 1% of salary contributed
    • Year 2 to 3 – 2% of salary contributed
    • Year 3 to 4 – 3% of salary contributed
    • Year 4 to 5 – 4% of salary contributed
    • Year 5+ – 5% of salary contributed

Group Health Insurance

  • Coverage begins 1st of the month following hire date
  • CCLS pays 100% for staff health insurance coverage
  • CCLS pays 67% of staff dependent health insurance
  • Low-Cost Plans for:
    • Dental PPO & Vision Insurance
    • Long term disability & life insurance
  • Workers Compensation coverage

Cash Out Options

  • Vacation Cash Out:
    • Accrued vacation cashed out & added to paycheck upon request
  • Overtime Pay Out (Non-Exempt Staff):
    • OT paid out within 30 days of accrual, per State standards

Computer Loan Fund

  • Up to $1,500 interest free loan to assist staff with
    personal computer purchase

State Bar Exam Leave & Loan

  • Leave provided for CA Bar Exam
  • Interest-free loan for Bar Exam & study course fees
  • Up to 8 weeks salary advance