In addition to the specific opportunities described below, we also seek volunteers to present MCLE trainings to CCLS staff. We would also love to hear from you if you want to volunteer in a capacity not listed.

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Central California Legal Services provides training for pro bono volunteers.


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We have volunteer opportunities for attorneys, paralegals, law students, paralegal students, and non-attorney positions.

Pro Bono Training and Support

The Pro Bono Program recruits and supports the work of volunteers who provide pro bono legal assistance to low-income individuals and families in Central California. The Pro Bono Program provides volunteers with training, mentoring, case management, and other support to facilitate their delivery of free legal services. Learn more about how you can make a difference and advance justice in our communities.

Keeping Legal Skills Sharp and Serving Clients in Need

Attorneys who are not engaged in law practice requiring active license status can provide pro bono legal services through the State Bar’s Pro Bono Practice Program.  Attorneys enrolled in the program retain active status without payment of bar fees if they do not engage in other activities requiring active license status during a calendar year.  This is a wonderful opportunity for attorneys who are not currently practicing to use their expertise to serve clients in need and to keep their legal skills sharp.  For eligibility details and application, visit State Bar Pro Bono Practice Program.

California Pro Bono Portal

The portal is a safe and central website where you can see volunteer opportunities from legal services organizations statewide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any pro bono legal work provided by volunteers to CCLS or its clients is covered by CCLS’ malpractice insurance policy.  CCLS’ policy is deemed the primary coverage even if the volunteer has malpractice coverage, under our pro bono rider.

Volunteers may hone courtroom skills, develop expertise in new areas of the law, and gain experience interviewing clients and investigating facts. In addition, CCLS provides training to volunteers, as needed, on a one-to-one basis and through our year-round free MCLE trainings. Volunteers receive recognition in CCLS media and in the community through CCLS’ communications networks. Finally, volunteers have opportunities to network with other professionals at CCLS client events and volunteer trainings and appreciation events.


CCLS provides year-round MCLE trainings in a variety of topics, including restraining orders, ethics, elimination of bias, unlawful detainer, guardianship, and immigration topics. CCLS’ MCLE programs are provided both in person and by webinar and are always free of charge.

Clients placed with pro bono attorneys must meet CCLS’ income requirements, generally. Therefore, these clients are often eligible for fee waivers. In addition, court reporting fees may be reimbursed through the Court Reporters Board’s Transcript Reimbursement Fund for pro bono counsel. Depending on the terms of the retainer agreement, the client may also remain responsible for costs.

Pro bono service for CCLS’ clients has a ripple effect – for the clients, for CCLS, and for the community. Domestic violence survivors with a lawyer are far less likely to fail to appear at the hearing to obtain a permanent restraining order. They are more likely to prevail and obtain necessary orders for themselves and their children. In addition, they are less likely to be victimized in the future. Tenants with a defense to an eviction proceeding are more likely to prevail when represented. A volunteer who provides pro bono eviction defense services helps keep families housed instead of on the streets or in their cars. Pro bono services in public benefits and veterans’ disability matters also help clients avoid becoming homeless. Obtaining a guardianship for grandparents raising grandchildren helps children be secure and safe. In addition, when volunteers assist at clinics or by taking cases, CCLS serves more clients, and CCLS’ advocates have increased capacity to undertake representation of complicated cases. The community benefits when clients are housed, when families have stable income, and when children are safe.

Volunteers choose the type of opportunity that works best for them, whether a full case or a morning at a clinic. Of course, attorneys are subject to applicable ethical rules.

Why Central California Legal Services?

For over 50 years, Central California Legal Services (CCLS) has been providing free civil legal services to low-income individuals in Fresno, Tulare, Kings, Merced, Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties—a region where intense poverty exists side by side with unparalleled wealth and abundance.

We work to improve the wellbeing of the San Joaquin Valley’s most vulnerable residents through systems-changing advocacy, client education, and legal work that meets individual client’s immediate needs. We also work closely with agencies and community organizations that share our commitment to support our clients in being their own agents of change.

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